Letters to my Daughters | April

My dear Abbie,

I cannot believe you are three ALREADY! Last month you had a blast at your mermaid birthday party. I am not sure where the last three years have gone. I remember your newborn days like it was yesterday. It flew by. Now I sing you songs while I tuck you in. When you request “hush little baby” I think back to walking around the townhouse with you when you were brand new, singing that over and over because it’s the only thing that would make you stop crying.

Now you’re so big, you can do so much on your own. You’re especially good at putting your shoes on the wrong feet and you’re learning to pump your legs on the swing.

You are such a loving sister. It’s amazing to see a 3 year old can have such empathy and adoration for a wiggly baby sister. You help me so much with Olivia, and I love that she will always have you to look up to.

We’ve had a busy month so I feel lacking in photos this time. But I want to remember how you always pick flowers for me. And for your daddy, and sister, and even for the dog. And I want to remember these crazy curls. I cannot take you in public without someone commenting on your “doll hair”.

I love you bunches and I’m looking forward to a fun summer with you! You’re my little sidekick 🙂

I love you to the moon and back,

letters to my daughters toddler photos

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