Letters to my Daughters | May

My dear Olivia,

Well, another month has flown by! This is such a fun age and I am loving seeing your personality really come out. You are a momma’s girl through and through and I love your snuggles! You give me real hugs now and wrap your chubby little arms around my neck. It is the best feeling 🙂

You are more amused by your sister everyday and you love to watch her play and laugh at her. Abbie frequently says: “my sister likes smiling at me!” and it cracks me up. I know you two have lots of fun together in your future <3 You are crawling around pretty well and it's clear that you will walk on your tippy toes just like your sister did. You make these cute little smirk faces and we all know you get that from your daddy. You love every food you have ever tried 🙂 Cheerios are a current favorite, and mango mixed with yogurt. You have six teeth and a few more are about to pop through! I love you, sunshine! You bring us all so much joy! xoxoxo, Mommysuwanee baby photographersuwanee baby photographer 1

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