Letters to my Daughters | June

Dear Abbie,

I feel that you have really re-inspired me this past month, and reignited my love for photography. You are so full of life and I think it shows in every image I capture. Every snap is a little piece of you… your genuine smile when your nose crinkles, the way you twirl your hair, the way you daydream when you look out the window, the way you look at your daddy with such love, even your adorable pout.

You have been feeling more and more independent the past month or so, and you are definitely testing your boundaries. You are growing and learning so fast, it is incredible. You are obsessed with flowers and look for wildflowers to pick everywhere we go. I am so looking forward to having a fun summer with you and your little sister, who you lovingly refer to as your baby 🙂

I love you forever,

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