Letters to my Daughters | July

My dear Olivia,

I don’t have many photos this month because you are always on the move. You are pulling up on everything in sight… cruising and starting to stand on your own for a few seconds before you fall on your bum. You love to clap and do “sooo big” and your sister loves teaching you new things. You love to make kissy faces 🙂 you do this adorable thing where you make kissy lips and tilt your head back hahaha. You are quite the sensitive baby… sometimes I will tell you “no” and you will give me this look… and then burst into tears. You also know when I call you “Olivia Grace” that I mean business 😉 You still love every food you have ever met and you are still not crazy about bath time. Other than bath time and when I say it’s time for “night night” you are usually full of smiles and crazy giggles. You are becoming quite the little miss independent. One of my favorite things is when you crawl and explore the playroom by yourself, but then every once in a while you come back to me and crawl in my lap or give me a hug (or pull yourself up using my hair). Can’t believe you are going to be 1 soon! You’re my little snuggamuffin!

I love you bunches and bunches!
love, mommy


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