One-on-one and small group mentoring

I offer both online and in-person mentoring and portfolio reviews. My specialties are: improving your photos of your own children, photographing children and families, macro photography, and editing in Lightroom. Please contact me at to discuss setting up your mentoring session!

Online workshops


The Art of Macro Photography – A Clickin Moms workshop

This in-depth 4-week workshop will cover introductory to advanced macro photography. The workshop is 100% online and the next run begins 01/08/2018. Learn more and register starting now!


Week One: Foundation of macro photography, including focus, depth of field, gear choices, macro ratios, and camera settings. We will discuss challenges specific to the macro genre and solutions.

Week Two: Composition and use of color in macro photography. We will go over the many genres of macro work (weddings, newborns, children, food, nature, etc).

Week Three: Lighting techniques and creative applications of macro photography.

Week Four: Editing macro images, including manipulating colors, use of textures and overlays, and focus stacking. We will also discuss black and white macro techniques.

• Introduction and Pre-Assignment PDF
• Week 1: 1 PDF, 4 shooting videos
• Week 2: 1 PDF, 3 editing and color videos
• Week 3: 1 PDF, 5 shooting videos
• Week 4: 2 PDFs, textures, 7 editing videos
• Individual video feedback on 4 weekly assignments (for full participation students)

online macro photography workshop


Up Close and Personal – A Clickin Moms breakout

You don’t have to settle for images of your children that are uninspired or forced. This breakout will teach you how to use different types of natural light, thoughtful composition, and interaction with children to create emotive and timeless images. Discover how to be flexible and follow a child’s lead while also capturing the photos you crave. Tiffany will share all her tips and tricks for getting children to interact with you in a natural way that allows you to capture their true spirit. This breakout will cover every step of turning your artistic vision into a reality, even while taking photographs of your own small children. Tiffany will also teach her workflow and Lightroom editing that allows her to quickly process photos of her kids and spend more time living life with them. Bonus materials will teach you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about macro photography and capturing details.

• how to take photos of your children that go beyond snapshots and match your artistic vision
• how to best utilize all different types of natural light
• how to use composition to make your subject stand out
• how to evoke and capture emotion
• how to interact with children to get the images you desire
• how to capture the little details of childhood
• how to enhance your images in Lightroom and what makes an image a good candidate for black and white conversion
• how Tiffany approaches macro photography in a bonus PDF – from how she sets up her image to how she decides her settings, composition, and processing

155 page PDF full of information and inspiration
A “cheat sheet” of ideas to use while interacting with kids
9 Lightroom editing videos
100 page bonus macro PDF
A set of inspirational desktop/laptop wallpapers
Q&A Video

You can view all the details and purchase here on the Clickin Moms site for only $35!
tiffany kelly clickin moms breakout


In-person workshops

The Creative Collective

Amelia Island, Florida | February 15, 2018 1:30-5:30pm

Do you feel like you get stuck shooting the same old thing, over and over again? Do you feel like spicing up your photography by experimenting with new tools and tricks, or trying out new genres? Do you want to shoot human AND non-human subjects, breaking from your current norms and unleashing your artistic freedom?

Look no more! Join Tiffany Kelly Photography and SallyKate Photography on beautiful Amelia Island, Florida, for a one-of-a-kind shoot-out where you can try your hand at various techniques, with both human and non-human subject matter. Experiment with a variety of photographic tools and tricks, including:

free-lensing and reverse free-lensing
art lenses (both Nikon and Canon available to try out!)
copper rings
full-sun techniques
abstract still life
shoot-through items like fabric, bubble wrap, and lace
ice light
new angles and perspectives
double exposures

Tiffany and Sally will offer instruction, support, advice and critique as the day progresses, and will come equipped with a variety of tools, as well as lenses you can try. Items for shooting still life and macro, as well as child models, will be available as our subjects, in addition to the gorgeous natural subjects native to the gorgeous island.

An additional creative editing video will be supplied by both Tiffany and Sally following the shoot, within 1-2 weeks.

Cost: $200

Register here: